Drive Mad

About Drive Mad

If you’re looking for a fun driving game, you might enjoy Drive Mad. It’s a car game where you drive on a track filled with obstacles. Keep your balance, don't let the car flip, balance the speed and control your car to reach the destination safely and intact.

The game has 100 levels, and you can play the original game or explore tons of variations made using Fancade by players like you.
Your aim is to reach the finish line in one piece. You have to balance your speed so your car doesn’t flip over. This is harder than it sounds, as there are many thrilling and creative stunts and obstacles for you to enjoy.

how to play Drive Mad:

Steer forward: W, D, X, up arrow, right arrow, mouse click.
Steer backward: S, A, Z, Down arrow, left arrow
Give it a try and see how far you can go!