Tiny Fishing Unblocked

About Tiny Fishing Unblocked

Play the Tiny Fishing Unblocked game online for free. At Tiny Fishing, you can show your talent by catching many types of fish. Sell them to earn money to upgrade your fishing rod and catch bigger fish easily.

Here’s how to play Tiny Fishing

Click the spinner to set your casting distance.
Click and drag to slide the hook left and right to catch fish.
When your line reaches the surface, you’ll earn cash for all the fish you catch.
Spend the cash between casts to upgrade your skills and get new hooks.
The game is easy to play from the beginning. Each fish you catch has a monetary value relative to its rarity.

To earn more money, you are offered three upgrades

The number of fish you catch
How deep your line can go.
Money earned offline

There is more valuable sea life the deeper you go. Upgrade your maximum depth to gain access to more valuable sea creatures. To maximize your earnings, make sure you catch high-value fish and avoid using your catch quota on low-value catches. Upgrade your passive earnings and leave the game open while you do other things.
You can play Tiny Fishing on both desktop and mobile devices. Give it a try and see how many fish you can catch!