Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is an idle/management game in which you control a cute monkey character in charge of a supermarket.

How to play Monkey Mart

Grow fruits, harvest products, and move from station to station to fill the stands with various food items. Sell bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, wheat, etc. Your customers will receive them and wait for you at the cashier; just stand next to the cash register to collect the money.
Run around the market to get fresh produce and stand by the aisles, stacking them up for customers to pick up. You don't need to press any buttons; your character will do all the work as long as you stand in the right place!
Tips to make money quickly and without effort:
Upgrading your supermarket is the best way to earn more money and unlock new things faster. Tap the icon with an arrow at the top of the screen to display the upgrade menu. Here, you can improve many things, like:
Player: It helps you carry multiple items at once, so you can be more efficient when stacking products.
Assistants, farmers, Animals and chefs: Help them work more efficiently, faster and with more energy.
Appliances: This increases the number of products machines can make and makes them more resistant to failure.
Just stand next to the cash register, and you'll see cash piling up.


Move: WASD or Arrow keys